Hi, I’m Steve Wilkins, and this is my survey review blog, Survey Steve.

Like you, I was all about survey-taking as a way to make some extra income ever since I quit my day job. I was convinced by friends to try out GPT and paid survey sites, and I guess I got hooked. Now, they’ve become my go-to source of pocket money.

I have gone through so many survey panels that I consider myself practically a veteran user. I’ve also joined many forums and social media groups dedicated to comparing notes about old and new survey panels, and which ones I and other users consider legit or a downright scam. Because I learned so many useful things from others and from my own experiences, I decided to put up a survey blog to sort of pay it forward for other survey-takers like you and me.

It’s been a very enlightening journey so far, and I’m here to help you by sharing with you my experiences (and often opinionated views). With each review I make, I always strive for honesty and being straight-to-the-point. If you think I made a mistake at any point in the review, I am open to being corrected – provided there is proof that I am misinformed. I am always ready and willing to update new developments on survey panels, and re-evaluate my earlier opinions if there are changes to the sites I’ve already reviewed.

So welcome to my blog, and thank you for joining me on the quest to unearth survey sites that are legit (and yeah, those that are scammy, too). Again, I will welcome feedback as long as it’s of the helpful kind. Spammers and trolls can just go spread misinformation elsewhere.

With that said, I hope you find some pretty useful information here!