How To Do Surveys Fast (And Honestly)

For today, we’re going to discuss a topic that will provide expert level information for those who do surveys to supplement their income. In a nutshell, it’s all about how to do surveys fast. Yes, there are proper ways to do so, and they are all within terms of conditions and rules (written and otherwise) of completing surveys.

At this point, I want to clarify that not all surveys have a time limit or expiration date (some do, though). Instead, this post will mostly focus on the speed with which you can fill out surveys, and how to pick up the pace in the process. See, the faster you accomplish surveys honestly, the more of them you can answer (or the speedier you can move on to other online tasks). In turn, that means a faster way to work towards cashing out your choice of rewards.

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At least that’s how it’s always worked out for me. I’m going to be sharing some of the methods I use to fill out surveys more quickly. They are correct methods I’ve tried myself, and not ones aiming to scam and cheat survey site systems. I hope you find them useful, as well.

Do Surveys Fast And Honestly

Go for mobile surveys

Those survey sites that have mobile apps give me the kind of instant notification I need when I’m on the go. I am both an iOS and Android user, so I have several surveys and online rewards site apps installed on both types of gadgets.

I’ve already developed a routine around which ones to answer at certain times of the day, week, or even month. In fact, I have specific preferred survey and GPT sites when I am standing in line at the grocery store, or also while waiting for an appointment with my physician or someone else I am meeting. Mobile apps give me the kind of flexibility to keep answering surveys whenever I have free time and alleviates the boredom that comes with waiting. So basically, I don’t waste any time and actually, make some more money even when I’m not in front of my desktop.

Do Mobile Surveys

Use a password managing app

I learned one practical method on how to do surveys fast from my brother. He is a programmer and has to access a lot of websites in progress for clients. I thought that he kept a list of passwords somewhere in a notepad or something for easy entry to a multitude of sites every single day. It’s what I used to do with my laptop, at any rate.

Boy, was I doing password storage wrong. When I asked him about it, he gave me roughly a ten-minute lecture on how that is such an unsafe practice which is susceptible to hacking (among other reasons).

What he uses, instead, is a password managing app. It basically stores and “remembers” all the passwords for all sites he needs for him while keeping his personal information safe and secure. I figured if a programmer relies on this method to speed up his process, why not use it similarly to access the survey sites I usually answer without hassle? I’ve tried one called Dashlane, and it’s made access to all the sites a cinch and with less time than usual.

Password Managing App

Be consistent with your answers

Survey sites usually flag users who answer quickly but inconsistently. It will seem like you are trying to cheat the system, and that’s never a good thing. Also, if you are quickly going through the survey questions with the intention of finishing them fast, you are bound to make a mistake somewhere, sometime.

This particular tip might seem counterproductive, especially with the ultimate aim of how to do surveys fast, but – slow down! Breezing through answers without giving them a good, long look could result in haphazardly put-together responses. You might even end up skipping some in your desire to beat the buzzer. And that could result with you getting flagged, disqualified, or worse, having your account suspended.

Be Consistent With Your Survey Answers

Use an actual keyboard

I know this particular section goes against what I initially said about mobile survey apps, but hear me out first. Based on experience, my typing speed slows down whenever I use on-screen keyboards. Maybe it’s my fat-daddy fingers or something, but I seem to be more agile with actual computer keyboards. I also make fewer mistakes that way (thus avoiding suspicious inconsistency, as previously mentioned). So if you do find yourself facing a long survey, I highly recommend answering it on your desktop computer using a clackity-clack, non-digital keyboard, instead.

Use An Actual Keyboard

Try Tap Research surveys

There is an FAQ on the Zoombucks site that gives tips from high earners of this platform. It specifically mentions answering Tap Research surveys, as recommended by survey-taking experts who prefer them for several practical reasons. Tap Research thoughtfully rewards both fully and partially completed surveys so you won’t feel like you just wasted your time if you do find yourself getting disqualified mid-survey.

But as opposed to my earlier recommendation of using mobile survey apps, this one seems to work better on a desktop (based on member feedback). I have yet to try it on both desktop and via a mobile app to compare results, but once I do, I will be sure to blog about my experience ASAP.

zoombucks Home

So In Conclusion…

Now that you know how to complete surveys fast without cheating, it’s time to put them to the test. Don’t even bother with “speedy” hacks that are suspicious, such as those that promise to make you answer surveys faster in exchange for your personal information. There are no apps or software worth installing just to achieve faster results. Instead, stick to the practical methods such as the ones I mentioned in this post.

Always keep in mind that being honest while answering surveys is key to getting rewarded for your time, effort, and input. Remember that these answers will eventually help shape products and services in the future. It won’t be worth it, in the end, to haphazardly answer them for the sake of gaining more time for even more surveys.

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